Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh what a beautiful morning

Layla woke up this morning when Jon was getting ready for work. 330 am until Jon left around 4 we snuggled in bed. On his way downstairs to leave I had Jon swing into our room and take Layla back to her bed. She proceeded to sleep until 8 am. I checked on her at 7 and 730 because I was so shocked.

When she came to my room at 8 she had her stuffed cow and 2 of her 3 stuffed little bears. She put them in my bed and climbed up and pulled up a horse book which I read when she asked "ree me mommy". Then she pretended to read it to me. "rity outside rity hosies rity red" she said as she turned the pages. Her little story almost made sense if you saw pretty horses in fields one of which had a red saddle.

After a new diaper we came downstairs and she asked "eat" so I got her a bottle of milk and sat her on the kitchen counter where she sorted the change cup while I made pancakes.

Then I said "ok time to eat get in your chair" so she scooted to the counters edge and then I put her on the floor. Tiny feet clapped to the tables edge and then she climbed on to a chair, across the table and into her seat. She grabbed her fork and started eatting with a hearty "mmm good".

After beakfast and a solid "awl dones" we went to the living room and with great joy she told me "play cards a movie" and grabbed her flash cards and settled into her movie spot. When I pulled out dvds she told me "cars mommy a cars" so I stuck in cars and when it started she clapped.
Now she's watching a movie and I am sitting here thinking about the leaps and strides she's made this month. Sentences replaced single words and a pride in being able to communicate things is evident in her giggles when she tells you things. Suddenly she became a little girl who dances to music, gets silly when she's tired and wants to be a princess when she grows up.

And the phase we're in now, it's adorable. I get true loves kiss before I go bye bye and a hug when I get home. And just when I think she's sweet enough to eat she does something unpredictable and sassy.

Like yesterday, when she pretended to grab my itsy bitsy spider mid song... She pretended to put it in her mouth and with smacking and a loud "mmm" pretended to eat it so that I would stop singing.

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Layla's Nana said...

Sweet & Sassy... Grandma Gerty would be so PROUD!