Sunday, May 17, 2009

To do list mommy's

I've never been a to do list mommy. I've never had to schedule in my child or make a list of things to try and work into the day around the chores and the job. So it's no surprise that once I had a baby my house went from spotless to lived in and then as she's gotten older it's went from lived in to slightly haphazard. It's totally worth it most of the time.

This month my mommy of the year inner confidence has been battling over flowing dishes that don't get done, crumbs on the floor, laundry that never gets put away, trash that doesn't get taken out enough and bathrooms that I am ashamed of showering in. I'm just tired this month.
It's so easy to get swept up in running behind and to lose focus and just friday night Jon and I had the talk where he reminded me that part of being a great mom is taking time for yourself without your kid and letting things slide when they aren't really important. But, I still spent part of the work day thinking about all the chores that needed to be done at home and how bitter I was going to be about spending my only weekend day off doing them.

Then I came home. Layla was so happy Saturday. She stayed with Grammi Teri and she talked about all morning this morning, too. Jon said she cried when she left. And my house, she cleaned it. It was wonderful. She also took home her bowl I have had on the counter since December so it could go home with Erin. She rocks.

Now my thoughts of being way behind are mostly gone because my to do list got a lot shorter. And, I also know that Teri is going to have to babysit again soon, not because my house is clean but because layla won't stop talking about balls and shoes and grammi scaries outside pool.


Grammi Teri said...

Ahh, I's so glad Layla had as much fun as I did. We just enjoyed each other so much. The only time she got unhappy (but easily calmed) was when I decided to get her in and dressed from the pool. She had had enough sun and I didn't want Daddy to have to deal with it. I cleaned a little because I wanted you to not regret having taken a day with your family at the ocean and have a nicer Sunday off. I know too well the Mommy conflicts. Kid time is always the right choice :)

Layla's Nana said...

Grammi Terri.... YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

Thank you for being such a kind and generous Grammi!!!!