Monday, May 25, 2009

If you need anything call

I was raised with a little stubborn southern woman in the background. My grandmother had a lot of views on a lot of things. Two views I witnessed a lot were visit with love to bring food in a crisis and never just say call if you need anything.

If you say call if need anything in my family it means call if you need anything before I call back or before I stop by again. Not true for a lot of other people I know. People use call if you need anything make themselves feel better, "well I offered but she never asked", but in a crisis most of those people wouldn't want to sit and pick someone to call for help.

Some people are good at follow up. Texts, calls and blackberry messages show me the difference between those who mean "I am here for you" and those who just meant "offering is what I am supposed to do right?"

I am thankful for those who keep checking in, pitching in, and just talking because I wouldn't call for help if I needed it, not because I'm too good for help or your help isn't wanted but because this is hard enough without admitting that embarrassingly enough sometimes you do wish someone else could shoulder the blow.

A special thanks goes out to my hubby who is taking sick days to do my heavy lifting, my mom who kept the baby busy on the bad days, my dad/Jon's dad/George/Jen who kept checking in for updates and offering over and over via text and phone their love support and prayer no matter what else they had going on this weekend in their own lives, and to JB who acted like nothing was wrong to keep me laughing.

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