Sunday, May 03, 2009

Foot in my mouth

Friday night my mom volunteered to watch Layla so the hubby and I could go out to dinner as adults. We had a great dinner and then I suggested that we take the $100 giftcard I had won at work and go spend it at the Target on things we needed at home and a birthday present for my nephew who will be 3 soon (god we're old).

At Target I also found 1 last pair of adorable brown baby sandals with blue flowers on them and the last pair just happened to be a size 5 which is Layla's size. So I made the $7 splurge.

Two days later I cut off the tags and put them on her feet to find they are huge! The hanger and stickers and tags all say 5 but after looking closer the number on the bottom of the shoe is actually an 8!

Guess now we know what Layla's sandals will look like next year. In the meantime she seems to be enjoying pulling them on and off and stomping around in them.


1 comment:

Layla's Nana said...

Mommy, it's the thought that countss right?
And she's enjoying them :)