Saturday, May 30, 2009

Collin's Birthday BBQ

First off, let me start by saying that there are 2 cousin Collin's in Layla's family which is very confusing for her (when we do names and pictures) and for other people when I write blogs. Today was little Collin's birthday. That's my cousin's son... who turned the big ONE!

I didn't post any pictures of Collin because I didn't ask his mommy...and because I only took 1 and it wasn't that great. But, here is a great one with Great Grandpa Kenneth.

The BBQ was hot and our visit was short because Layla is well into her terrible 2 phase and the tantrum throwing over not being able to swim in the pool or throw rocks in the grass was too much. I told her "one more and we're going home" and then I took her home, because I'm a Mommy of my word. We didn't get to say goodbye, eat, have cake or see presents, Layla just couldn't handle it and neither could I (given my past week)
She had some cheetos, played with another cute little girl until she started breaking rules and being a pain in the neck. She wouldn't really pose for pictures but I did get this one somewhere in the cheeto eating...
Once we got home she had another tantrum because she wanted her shoes off then she took herself upstairs and put herself down for a nap...which is good, because if she didn't I would have.

I mean doesn't that look like someone who needs a nap?

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Trisha said...

Hey, I have seen that last pose somewhere....let me think...let the toddler years rule! North's dispay of choice is to bang whatever he is holding onto the nearest window that he can reach. Yea for tempers.