Saturday, May 23, 2009


We are home. I was lucky to be spared the horrors of a D&C. I will be off work for several days and I don't have the sick time to cover that sort of absence. The lack of income scares me.

I have received already the love, support and prayers of much of our family and I know the next couple days there will be visitors and food.

I can still laugh. In the hospital I tried my best to be stronge and positive so the hospital staff wouldn't have my moment as the scar in their day. I did cry, I will sometimes still. But, I remembered the best tool god gave me, I found joy in that sterile room.

I find joy here too. In my mom's help, my husbands support and my daughter's silly dances.

A life was lost and I grieve it by celebrating it's welcome to heaven with love.


Courtney said...

Let me know if I can do anything for you or if you need anything. I'm here for you Allie.

Glen said...

I'm a phone call away if you need me. I love you

niobe said...

The world can seem like such a sad place sometimes. Thinking of you.

Christine said...

Oh, honey. Hugs to you. I know how badly this hurts. Thinking good thoughts for you.