Sunday, September 13, 2009

13 days

There are officially 13 more days until Layla's 2nd birthday. I'm a little overwhelmed. September is such a busy month for us normally. Add to that an extra birthday that is normally in October and everyone working as much as possible because we could use the money. Well, it's just chaos.
I'm technically doing the smallest version of a children's birthday party I have ever done. To save money, to save time and mostly to save my sanity.

And yet I worry...because I feel sort of like the A team is missing several members. (Not their fault, just the way life works out sometimes.)
I'm *this* far from Pizza in the park with cupcakes. Actually...what's wrong with Pizza in the park with cupcakes? I call dibs on this party idea! *evil grin*


Grammi Teri said...

I like Pizza in the park w/ cupcakes. While I am picking up the cupcakes I could get the pizza also. By the way I ordered Layla's tricyle today. A Schwinn 12" roadser in pink! I love it.

Grammi Teri said...

P.S.You don't need a lot of stress! Everyone loves pizza.

I was the Birthday Party Queen-then realized I didn't have to be so over the top. I saw no difference in the enjoyment factor when I minimized!