Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday- beats a finger in your eye

All day long at work and all week long at retail joints people have been telling me to enjoy my 3 day weekend. A natural assumption is made by most American's that if you breath air your doing something this weekend because EVERYONE has a three day weekend. Right?

Not me.

I work at one of those places that never closes and this weekend I'm on Saturday rotation. So while loads of people enjoy a camping trip or a mini vacate or even a staycation out back by the BBQ, I'll be at work. Lucky me.
I do get Monday off. But Sunday plus Monday does not make a 3 day weekend and my employee moral is very low because of it.

Listen to me. Bitch. Bitch. Moan. Moan. Whine.

At least I have a job.

So tomorrow I will force my half empty glass to call itself half full.

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Mel said...

We are not doing much. Garratt has to work Saturday Morning and Monday Afternoon/Evening. The only thing I can say we are doing is taking advantage of living on a college campus...we are taking the girls to their first FOOTBALL Game. We are playing the Stanford Cardinals, that's about it!