Thursday, September 03, 2009

Phew It's Hot

It's warm today in the California Central Valley. I do not do well with warm. I spent part of the day fondly remembering how much cooler it was last weekend in San Francisco and the other half interupting myself mid thought to think about ice cream.
Okay now we just process this order and then we click the *ice cream mmm ice cream* damn were was I...
Truth is Autumn is coming. I know that not because the grocery store is already covered in Halloween candy or because the costumes are all on display at the Wal Mart but because in the morning there is moisture in the cool crisp air and the leaves have started to find their way into my yard despite not owning trees.
I'm so impatient. I want Halloween to be here. I want Thanksgiving to be here. I want Christmas to be here. I could use a season with a little magic. I could really use an occassion to break out a comfy sweater and whip up my famous baked potato soup.
I just need a little change.

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