Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Layla's top 12

In honor of Layla's birthday countdown I give you her top 12 likes and dislikes.


1. Cupcakes
2. Dancing
3. Crayons and paper
4. Books for Story time
5. Disney movies
6. People, especially nannie, papa glen, georgie, daddy and mommy
7. Stealing sips of pepsi
8. Adventures outside or at the park
9. Getting your shoes and going bye bye
10. Cow and your pillows at nite nite time
11. Taking peoples seats when they get up
12. Playing in water whether it's a sprinkler, pool, ocean, bath tub or sink.


1. Strangers who come into the house and take a seat
2. Patiently waiting for things
3. Vegetables that are near your plate of meat and carbs
4. The little bad wolf when he blows big wind
5. Getting back into the car seat after long drives
6. Socks
7. Sitting still
8. Not being allowed to empty people's purses just to see what's there
9. When people mix sorted things together
10. Stacked towers of blocks that have not been properly knocked down
11. Not being allowed to rip paper
12. When people go bye bye without you.

1 comment:

Layla's Nana said...

It breaks my heart when she wants to go bye bye and can't, she looks so heartbroken!

Allie, when the new baby gets here, will I need to change my screen name??