Sunday, September 27, 2009

Belated Bday Post for Melissa

This is my sister in law Melissa. She's a ray of sunshine. Even when she's being tested 4 ways from Sunday she's probably going to be most likely to say something sweet. She's just that person.

She was the perfect pick to be the first person who ever took care of Layla without me. She eased me back into work by arriving early, sharing lots about her day with the kids and visiting when I got home.
Now she lives Far Far away...but her picture is in Layla's room and we point at it and I say that's "Auntie Mel" and Layla always says "yeah" which doesn't happen with everyone so I like to think they still have a special bond.
Happy birthday Melissa...can't wait to see you later this month and sorry blogger ate your post the first time.

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Melissa said...

Thanks Allie!!!