Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Layla's 2nd Birthday Pictures

Courtney and I both took pictures at Layla's party. As I expected, hers are WAY better than mine because she is AMAZING. So... I'll be posting those later this week for you to enjoy. This one is my favorite and it can hold you over until then. Most of them will be up on Layla's site in the next couple days.

Courtney has been nice enough to accept my begging and pleading and take our family pictures and Layla's 2 year old pictures...not a doubt in my mind that I made the right choice!


Courtney said...

Thanks... :) Still a little bashful and modest when people compliment me on my blossoming skill.

So what will Miss Layla be for halloween...?

Mel said...

Courtney is amazing. I only wish we lived locally so I could beg and plead with her to do Faith's 2 year pictures, Brooke's First "real" pictures and our Family pictures.

This Picture is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I want one!!!PLEAAAASSSSEEE!!!!