Wednesday, September 02, 2009

September starting line

Hello and welcome to September. My name is Allie and normally I would love to be your tour guide but right now I am too busy running around in circles alternating between screaming 'yahoo this is awesome' and 'oh my god we're all going to die'.

So far the first two days of September have brought on open enrollment for health benefits at work and the scheduling of a follow up medical appointment now that we know what's wrong with me.

That's just the first two days though. My mom's birthday is Saturday but I have to work and Sunday is the Newman Fall Festival. By Monday's holiday I predict napping.

The 8th is my anniversary. Do you know we've never gotten to celebrate our anniversary? The first one I was too pregnant and the second one I was too unemployed.

There are several kid birthday's this month including my daughter's tinkerbelle two year old bash at the park. Eventually I caved and handed her the party supply book and waited to see which theme she liked because I just could not decide.

So what does your September hold?

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