Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Right Now She's Cursing Me Under Her Breath

This is Teri, my dad's girlfriend and Layla's Grammi Scari (she can't say Teri). Right now she's probably using a lot of colorful language to describe me because she just saw I posted a picture of her relaxing on the couch and eating for her birthday picture. But, it's ok...she'll still love me...I gave her a grandbaby.
Teri is Miss Erin (the babysitter extraordinaires) Mommy. The fact that she managed to raise one of the coolest chicks I know means she must be doing something right. Teri like her daughters and son is very artist, forgiving and willing to help out with just about anything. She lives in a house full of people, one of which is my dad who ALWAYS has company. Translation, she's extremely patient.
Happy Birthday Teri!


Mel said...

Happy Birthdat Terri!

Layla's Nana said...

Happy Birthday Grammi!!!!!

(btw, Allie posts terribly unflattering pictures of me and tells me it's okay cause it's who I am on the inside that counts, which is true but I still beg her to remove them, she doesn't.. lol.. she laughs at me! Anyway.. inside and out, you're a lovely woman and such a blessing to our crazy little family!)

Grammi Teri said...

Thank you Mel, Thank you Nana Lorrie!
Allie, I do love you, anyway!