Monday, September 07, 2009

Like a spot on a map

Layla used to hang out on a pillow and quilt made by her Auntie Jenette on the floor while she had snacks and watched TV but being used has not gone over well with the quilt so I put a bean bag chair on her birthday list. I thought she'd get a small one but my Mom said the big ones were cleaner and better when she went to look (and I don't argue with Nannie about these things) so instead she got a big red on.

I call it the spot.

She's been stuck to the spot for 3 days in various positions while doing various things.

The spot is very handy for standing on to reach things, laying on, sitting on to watch tv, and driving cars across. And that's just the stuff she's discovered so far.

It reminds me of a big red dot on a road map.

We are here.

We are at the spot.


Layla's Nana said...

""And that's just the stuff she's discovered so far""

You do know she'll find ways to do things we'd never in a million years want her to do don't you?

I can't wait though, her mind is always working on something! And it's always either really cute, really funny, really scary and occasionally, down right brilliant!

While other may fear that Layla~Bug might get into some trouble, aka, do something bad with said bean bag, Nana's/Nannie's are exempt from using such language and are in fact, forbidden to say it out loud. Besides, it's just not true!*

Mel said...

LOL!! She is getting so big. I agree with you does look like one of those "you are here" spots.