Sunday, September 06, 2009

Then and now

Last night there was BBQ chicken, watermelon, pretzel salad and the best warm baked potato salad ever.

After mom left, and Layla was tucked snuggly into bed Jon busted out the supernatural season 4 DVD's and we watched some episodes in a dark room with a breeze threw the screen door that would make autumn proud. It was very relaxing.

We don't have cable. It's been a year now. What started as a small hiatus for financial reasons has turned into the norm and even though occasionally we wish we could just pop on the telly and zone out most of the time we are perfectly content with movies and episodes of our favorite shows on DVD.

We also don't rent media. That means we're limited to what we're willing and able to buy or barter to borrow from friends.

And you know what, there are days I am really proud of us for getting rid of something society says we need and instead enjoying time together.

I mean most of the time society leads me around by my pigtails and I can't imagine life without internet and cell phones but I am starting to wonder, how long would I have to go without it to detox from electronic addiction and start enjoying being less attached to the world everywhere I go.

Was the world really a better place in the past or did the onslaught of instant media coverage take what would have been small town drama and make it into large scale panic with scrolling text on the bottom of every channel?

Did what our ancestors didn't know really hurt their immediate quality of life?

I mean sure they didn't know the name of a child abducted 6 states away and what their parents were doing and what they liked to watch on TV and eat for breakfast but, they also got to ride their bike to the park with their friends and trick or treat to actual stranger's houses.

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I've been thinking about this so much lately. SO MUCH.