Monday, September 14, 2009

Bean watch day 4

So today I got to see my general practicioner one more time. Mainly because the obgyn I love doesn't take my current insurance but he does take the insurance I will have after October 1st. To avoid a big bill for the first visit I am going to limp along with my general practitioner for 16 more days.

I had horrible back pain and white blood cells in my urine so he's testing me for hormone levels AND for a pesky infection. He says it's probably my kidney's judging by the back pain.

He is going to get me a sonogram while I wait to make sure bean is developing and see how far along we really are because an educated guess doesn't calm the normally high risk.

Of course some girl in the office schedules those and so she'll call me and get me an appointment when she can. So I wait and hope it isn't during work hours.

In other news, morning sickness reared up today due to a potluck on the other side of the call center. Lucky me.

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