Tuesday, November 04, 2008

7 Weeks Giveaway!!

You guessed it... it's only 7 weeks until Christmas now... so here's another writing prompt and a chance to win... MORE COFFEE from STARBUCKS!! Aren't you excited.

Please make sure you check back to previous weeks and make sure that if you've already won you email me at alliejeffery (at) gmail (dot) com so that I can get your prize to you. Some of you haven't been good about that. LOL

This week we'll be talking about the best gift you've ever given or gotten for Christmas (your choice you don't have to do both unless you want to).

Can you believe it's only 7 weeks until Christmas? Ok moving on...

This contest ends FRIDAY November 7th and winners will be announced Sunday November 9th.

To enter you have 3 options...

1. Post a comment below with the best gift you've ever given or gotten in it (1 entry). Yes! Posting a link you your blog counts for the 1 entry.

2. If you post a link from your blog back to this blog talking about the contest (1 entry), this can combine with option 1 for a total of 2 entries.

3. If you trick get someone else to leave a comment saying they heard about this blog from your blog and they enter our little contest I'll give you one more chance to win (1 entry) for a total of 3 lovely entries.

You may not get more than 3 enteries. Please and thank you. The winner gets a 1 lb bag (their choice of flavor) of whole bean Starbucks Coffee.

Good luck!!


Mistress Meeyee said...

The most wonderful Christmas present I ever got was when I was a little girl and I wanted a peaches and cream barbie bike well Christmas morning I got the bike and even the barbie that the bike was named after!!!!!!!It was my first bike and I rode that thing til I couldn't fit on it anymore!

bookworm said...

I had surprised my husband one Christmas with a photo collection of professional pix of myself and his daughter. He is a photo hound, just loves having pictures around, so he was very happy with this gift. He just about cried! I am so glad I took the extra time to get the photos done, he still treasures them all these years later.

Kari said...

My best present was given to me by my parents. I received an iPod one year and I never even asked for it. My folks knew I was really into music and I didn't ask for the iPod because they were so expensive. They decided to splurge a little bit, which is unusual for them, and it was really great. I was speechless! I still use it even though it's about 5 years old now, but I wouldn't get rid of it for anything in the world!

jjsweep said...

I always remember going to my grandmother's house for Christmas when I was a kid. She would make all sorts of wonderful cookies and treats for my brothers and I to eat and always had time to spend with each one of us. I liked her to read to me, that was my favorite. I would sit on her lap and she would read a Christmas story to me. She smelled of baked cookies and roses, really nice. Years later, now that I'm grown, I don't get the stories anymore, but she does try to still have treats. It's harder for her since she's in a home, but she does what she can. A couple years ago, I brought her a jar of lotion that smelled just like roses for her and a book of Christmas stories. This time I read a story to her while we had some coffee and cookies. I still do this, although now I've added the cookies to my list because she cannot get around much anymore. I really look forward to our time together and am glad that my little gifts make her happy.

Janelle said...

The best gift I ever received was a crocheted Christmas tree that my Grandma made. It had to have taken many, many hours to have made that big, fat tree with all of its ruffles. I've never seen anything like it. I'm very sad to report that the tree was lost during one of our moves and I've not seen it in years. I feel a sadness every Christmas as I bring out the decorations and am reminded of the absence of Grandma's beautiful tree.

One of the best gifts I ever gave was to my husband. I found his father's medal collection in a shoebox in the closet - he cherishes those memories of his father. I took the medals and had them mounted in a shadow box to display. He still cherishes that and smiles every time he sees it, even more than 10 years later. It's amazing how meaningful the simple things can be!