Thursday, November 06, 2008

As it is...

I was talking on Election night with the hubby and I commented...

"Doesn't it seem odd that by the time our daughter is old enough to vote, selecting a black man will be no big deal...because it's already happened in her first year of life."

By the time she is 18 your ethnicity won't matter as much as it did this year. 2008. The year I voted for change and the world did change because we all believed in "yes I can". I didn't vote for a Democrat, I didn't vote for a black man, I voted for something bigger... I voted for "unyeilding hope" because right now I could use some...and so could most of the other people I know.

In 20 years this topic won't phase her. Just like casting my ballot doesn't phase me as much as the women who not so long ago stood with signs asking for that same opportunity.

And the world changed... and we were there.

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