Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Toddler Tuesday

Last Tuesday, Layla decided she wanted to empty every block in our house into one pile and sort them across the window siles, around the floor and under the chairs. She spent two hours of her Tuesday making piles, stacks and block ordered chaos all over the downstairs of our townhouse.

At first it was no big thing. Then I contemplated stopping her because it was messy. But after awhile I decided to see how long she'd play alone.

3 hours

Did you hear me internet people??


So I decided it will be a Tuesday thing around here. From now on during Toddler Tuesday I will not be following my child around trying to contain the chaos that threatens my sanity. Instead, I will let her do what she wishes (within reason) and see how her mind wraps around freedom.

Sometimes attachment parenting is about letting go...


niobe said...

This is exactly what I used to do with my son when he was little. Not every day, of course, but once in a while....

Courtney said...

Sounds like little Layla has mommy's nack of organizing...

Layla's Nana said...



Excuse me,is this thing on??

Where are the new baby pics?


Are you there?

Krista said...

Not to sound all smart but I have learned during my art class that children who are able to have uninfluenced play time (free play) can better develop artistic talent and can learn faster (problem solve). So...go you!!

Allie said...

um mom... for the record... the internet thing inhibits baby pic posting LOL

Layla's Nana said...

I'm sorry???
Were you talking to 'me'???

You must have missed the last Layla~Bug Picture withdrawl???

Let me tell you it's NOT pretty!!! Not at all!!!!


Wait... I see baby pics!!!