Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Giveaway~ 6 weeks until Christmas

This week for our giveaway contest we'll be talking about what "tastes like Christmas" to us. What is it that makes you remember Christmas in your heart as soon as you put it in your mouth.

This weeks contest begins today and ends Friday November 14th at Midnight (CA time), winners will be announced Sunday November 16th.

It's only 6 weeks until Christmas which means I've already got a list made of the items I'll be cooking for Christmas dinner so that I can find them all before the Christmas rush and store them away in my pantry or freezer (if that's an option).

I think one of the things which tastes the most like Christmas to me is the Sweet Potato recipe my Grandma Gerty taught me to make when I was 8. That recipe will be up on FatGirlEats on Friday if anyone wants it.

This week you can enter our contest 3 ways.

1. Leave a story about your favorite recipe in our comments (or a link to your blog with the story) = 1 entry
2. Leave the story AND the recipe for your favorite Christmas dish = 2 entries
3. Leave the story AND the recipe AND link back to this contest = 3 entries

What will you win? It's a mystery box. It's filled with some of my favorite Christmas tastes and it's valued at $20.00. I'll tell you what's in it on SUNDAY when I announce the winner. Interesting no?


Tracee said...

Baskin Robbins Pie. I found it at a Family Reunion when I was about 5 and I kept going back and back and back and back until I couldn't stand it.

Sought out the recipe and been making it for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year since - cause I want to eat it.


Janelle said...

It isn't Christmas for me unless I make cut out cookies with a recipe that my mother gave me many years ago. For some reason, it's called "Life Like Cookie Dough." It tastes like no other cut out cookie I've ever had, and it's a favorite of my kids, too. I haven't had a Christmas without them as long as I can remember! I will try and remember to grab the recipe card and post the recipe tomorrow. Oh, and these cookies are just remarkable when you dip them in coffee or cocoa! ;-)