Monday, November 24, 2008

Must be Santa Monday

I skipped a Must be Santa Monday last week on accident so this week I'll be giving you two things from Layla's list that I know she'll be getting.
Baby Cakes! a board book by Karma Wilson (which by the way is a great name)
We got this book from the library and Layla loves the little song, it has a great rhythm to it and it talks about kissing people on the nose and wiggling toes and things that Layla loves to act out along with the book... so I'm going to buy it. You can get it from Amazon for under 5 bucks.
The other thing I know Layla will be getting this year for Christmas is a set of Alphabet fridge letters, they are good for kids learning their letters and learning to spell. I'll be putting hers on the fridge to keep her from playing in the dishwasher... but that's another subject all together about distracting your child as a style of parenting. *sigh*

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