Sunday, November 02, 2008


My mother calls my daughter Adorablistic. It's her own little word for the phenomenon we witness most of the time when we leave the house. She's just a cute kid people, I thought I was bias but I have come to the conclusion she's just too cute for her own good.

People stop us in the grocery store. People talk to her in the cart at Target. Random strangers walk up to us mid meal to talk to her in restaurants. Some people touch her (which pisses off the hubby to no end) almost everyone smiles and waves at her.

I travel with a lot of other people with kids. I don't see it happen so much with other kids. So I started asking. It's just us.

I mean I know she's cute... but geez.

It's like her own little fan club follows her everywhere. I'm worried the world is setting her up for a let down. Or worse yet, that I'll have to give her a smack down when she's in Jr High because she's got a pretty girl complex. *shudder*

This week we went to visit Pops (her Great Grandpa Ira) in the hospital in our Halloween costume. My little ladybug walked (legs still like a Y) all the way across the lobby and down the hall (buzzing from left to right) as people around us flocked, pointed and clamored at how cute she was. Out of the elevator and down the the hall to his room it continues. Someone took a picture of her with their phone. I didn't stab them in the eye with a spork but I thought about it.

My mom and Pop's wife Irene both noticed it on the way to and from the food court. I'd say 4 out of 5 people stop to talk to or admire my kid. It scares the shit out of me. While I should be grateful that she's beautiful I spend every moment with an eye or hand on her. My mom took her for a little lap around the food court while I got her food ready. Every doctor, nurse and random stranger in the joint talked to her or pointed to her and I felt like the world tilted on it's axis. I panicked. I made my mom bring her directly to her chair.

I worry she'll get lost or stolen because she's so confident and friendly she'd probably follow anyone with a puppy home. So I bounce between beaming with pride, frustrated, happy and totally freaked out the whole way in and out of any public place.

I guess it could be worse. She could be a bitter beer face baby. They get just as much attention but for the wrong reason.

Stop laughing... you're going to hell with me.

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Layla's Nana said...

And as she walked she did her 'Princess Wave' ....
people, she waves like she's riding on a float in the homecoming parade and of course, she's a princess who doesn't know it... so it's adorable and made oh so much more charming because she's clueless to her adorableness... she assumes people like her like she likes people...
So Mommy, I understand... one hand and one eye on her at all times... and if she needs a set down, you're up to the task, but as you were told, you'll tell her...
Pretty is as Pretty Does!