Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving...the recap

I awoke at 6:15 am to the sound of whining over a baby monitor and tripped (literally- there were a pair of too small jeans from the day before in the dark hallway on the floor) into her bedroom mumbling "mommy's comin"
She got a clean diaper and we padded down the stairs in the dark to the living room where I turned on the Disney Channel and went to make a warm milk bottle but I had to fight the milk out of the fridge because it was wedged behind all the pies I had already made.
Then I read for awhile as my child danced around playing on the floor to the tunes of Johnny and the Sprites in the background. When I made her scrambled eggs for breakfast I also started my boiling eggs for deviled eggs and did the first of two loads of dishes.
After her breakfast we went upstairs to bug daddy and get another clean diaper. And then we watched the beginning of the Macy's parade on TV while I did some more cooking in the kitchen. When she got grumbly she got put down for a nap and I talked to Jon for awhile as we commented on the parade on TV.

By 11 Jon was showered, food was cooking and the baby was up so I got her dressed and then I took my shower. I finished up plating my share of Turkey Day for my Dad's house (garlic mashed potatoes, candied yams, deviled eggs, cranberry relish and three pies-pumpkin, coconut cream and chocolate cream) and we loaded ourselves into the car.

We got to my Dad's at noon and visited, cooked, watched Jack's Big Music Show (we don't get it at home anymore) and then we ate... LOTS and the baby played inside and outside and with every person she could find (Pa, Papa, Teri, Erin, Red, Earl, Daddy, Mommy, Dustin, etc).
Then we ran back home for a change of clothing and to grab another pie and went to Jon's dad's at 3 pm where there was more food, more pie, more laughter, and in addition to playing with people my daughter chased around Doggies for awhile.

When she started to melt-down (around 6) we headed home and she got a quick wash off with a washclothe and put to bed because she was EXHAUSTED. I uploaded some pictures to her site and sent a couple emails to people about the pictures they took today (and thanking them for wonderful meals) and now it's 8 pm and I'm in my jammies already...thankful for a loving husband, great family time, good food...and the pillow I'm about to go lay on.

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