Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tag I'm it AGAIN

I got tagged for another writing prompt thingy. This one you list 10 random things about yourself and FOOD...

1. I won't eat brussel sprouts. When I was little my parents tried to make me and I reinacted the scene from Pultergiest with the split pea soup. No brussel sprouts.

2. I actually have dreams where I am eating garlic goat cheese on club crackers while drinking pepsi with ice and reading a book by the ocean. *Pathetic*

3. I'm allergic to citrus fruits so I have to watch what I eat. Not long ago I hugged a little kid and had a citrus burn hand print on my neck for 3 days.

4. I'd rather eat milk chocolate Hershey bars than expensive chocolate.

5. I buy organic when I can and when it's priced reasonably. When I go back to work we'll be going back to mostly organic like we were before I lost my job.

6. I love food so much I made a website called FatGirlEats to post recipes from my life and childhood on. My favorite recipe there right now is for Cranberry Relish like my Aunt Penny used to make on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

7. I remember times in my life by the things I ate during those times. I once catered a party back when I owned LadyWickedCatering and I served this salad that had a horseradish salad dressing with blue cheese in it. I remember the way it felt in my throat while I laughed flirting with a serving person.

8. I'm such a big girl that I think about what I'll be eating for dinner all day long. Sometimes I think about it so much I over-eat at dinner. If I have plans with someone and they cancel I'm bummer but if it was lunch or dinner plans which I have been thinking about all day I tend to take it personally.

9. I can't make good meatloaf. It frustrates me so much I won't even order meatloaf when I go out now. Stupid meatloaf.

10. I used to make homemade fudge with chilli pepper in it. I had to stop making it because when I did I would eat the whole pan, and then because I felt bad about eating the first pan I'd make another... and so on... until I was sick to my stomach.

Now I'm supposed to tag 5 people who like food...

I tag Lynn, Stacey, Courtney, Mel & Candace... (if they want)


Tiffany said...

I found a great recipe for meatloaf "muffins". They taste great and it's easy to make! I posted it on my recipe site (so, as you can see, I love food too ;))

Mamarazzi said...

FUN blog and i love the recipe blog too..FABULOUS title!

i was out blog hopping tonight and came across you and all of your bloggy goodness. since we are neighbors i decided to leave a comment. i haven't found many Central Valley bloggers...FUN!