Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Works 4 Me Wednesday

This week on works for me wednesday (W4MW) we're supposed to talk about toys that are actually worth buying because it's the once a month themed W4MW.

I think Layla's ultimate favorite toy so far was the First Act Fun in a Drum set she got for her birthday this year. Layla is really into drumming on things with things (she's 1 and her father is a drummer) and this set is small and light so she can carry it around. It also came with some other musical instruments which all fit inside the drum for easy storage. It comes with a variety of colors and designs and it's only $30. It's not the type of drum that gets a kid started for Marching Band or Rock Bands in High School but it was a perfect toy for my little one. You can purchase one at Toys R Us by clicking the link here.

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