Monday, November 03, 2008

Must be Santa Monday

So last week I posted my entire Christmas list and my daughter's entire list is up on her site but because her site is private I know some of you can't get that link to work so I thought I'd talk about one of the top things on her list.

A pretend kitchen *sigh* every little girls dream. Every Mommy dreams of them too... in hopes they will keep a child out of the tupperware drawer in the REAL kitchen, but I digress.

My favorite pretend kitchen was pointed out to me by Grammi Teri who saw it at Costco. It's a vintage kitchen by Kolcraft ...

Isn't it ADORABLE! I know. I mean plastic kitchens are cute but how can anything compare to the cuteness of this little vintage number.


AmyK said...

Oooh, neat kitchen! That's got to be the neatest one I've seen so far--and I've seen a lot this season! We're thinking of getting one for Kidlet this year, too. She loves kitchen sets.

Check this one out; it's made from an entertainment center. So clever and SO awesome!

Trisha said...

I also think that kitchen is very cool. I have so many "big kid" ideas that North "needs". Is this how peoples houses turn into Chucky Cheese look-a-likes?

Allie said...

Your house doesn't look like Chuck E Cheese's yet? Mine sure does and she doesn't even own that much stuff it's just always ALL out! LOL