Wednesday, January 06, 2010

69 cent opinion

I think I was an 8th grader the first time a stranger described me as fat to my face. Over the years it's been nothing new. Sometimes it's well meaning, sometimes it's rude, sometimes it's nothing but it happens often.

So far in this pregnancy I have lost 26 lbs and then I put 1 lb back on. So I am down 25 lbs. None of my clothing fits. My pants are too big and my shirts are too small. Anyah, not being shy about space sticks out as far as her sister did at this point, if not further.

Yesterday morning I had to go get gas before work. Not wanting to run out of gas before I actually got to the gas station I ended up at the Quik Mart at 6:30 in the morning. I went inside and grabbed a bag of chex mix (for later in the day) and headed to the register to pay for my gas and snack. The man at the counter asked me if I wanted a coffee or soda too for 69 cents and I declined.

Then it happened. Again. He looked me up and down, measured me up and said "You have to eat, you won't lose weight not eating."

My pregnancy hormones took over. Or I'm an Aries. Either way. This conversation went down hill fast.

"Actually I probably won't lose weight any time soon because I'm 5 months pregnant. If I was trying to lose weight drinking a coffee or soda for breakfast with chex mix would be stupid, neither one is a good breakfast option." and then for good measure I gave him the look.

The look my dad patented for stupid people that clues them in that they should stop talking apparently works better for him than me because I got a "Well now that you mention it you do look a little pregnant. It's just that time of the year, most of the bigger girls are dieting so I thought maybe I could talk you into it. Want a free soda?"

"Nope. But I would like my money back, I'm going to Chevron."

I called and talked to his manager on my first break. Not because I think he should be fired but because I think selling a 69 cent soda shouldn't involve insulting fat women or giving other people dietary comments. His manager a nice "chubby" middle aged man (self described I've never seen him), agreed.

So I get to work feeling very fat and not nearly pregnant enough and I catch a glimpse of myself in the reflection of a window.

Holy crap people this baby is HUGE. And she's all in front I don't look fat, unless fat people often carry all their weight in the form of a swallowed watermelon.

I told the story to the girl behind me at work who replied that my maternity shirt combined with Anyah's position made me look not only pregnant but further along then I normally do.

And then we decided... no more Quik Mart quickies.

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