Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nesting List

Every pregnant woman nests. I've started having the desire to nest but have yet to develop the energy to actually power nest like I need to. So here are the things on my list.

1. Go through the upstairs toys like I did the downstairs toys and purge toys that no-one needs or plays with.

2. Clean out the Harry Potter closet under the stairs because it has been over run with junk again

3. Actually clean, fold and put away the baby clothes I pulled out of tubs for Anyah.

4. Attempt to make calm from the cabinet chaos in my kitchen.

5. Have Jon clean the carpets

6. See if I can get Courtney to take one last family photo before there is a new baby and some pictures of my pregnant baby belly and frame them for the wall by the stairs.

7. Stock up the household goods that I will need when the baby comes.

That's the "nesting" list. I also have some life list stuff I'd like to do once more before I am a parent of two...

1. Take Layla to the snow (maybe next weekend)

2. Pay off the car

3. Make Layla comfortable with the concept of sleeping in her room. She doesn't have to sleep there unless she's comfortable and wants to (we're family bed hippies) but I don't like that she's been scared of her room at night for awhile now.

4. Dinner with George and Devon

5. A girls day with Jen

6. A road trip with just me and the hubby

Now if only I was working on these things instead of just making lists of them. It would be a lot more productive.

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