Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Week That Got Away

Monday after work I made dinner, ran an errand to the dollar tree, watched a toddler approved movie and went to bed early with Layla. Tuesday I made dinner, played with my daughter and helped my mom do some cell phone research before heading to bed with Layla...not so early. Today (Wednesday) after work, I made a crappy dinner, my dad came to visit and play with Layla, Jon ran to check on the dogs/house he is watching for a friend, I watched Wizard of Oz with Layla and I'm hoping to go to bed early.
It doesn't sound like a busy week but with the inability to go back to sleep after I get up to go pee every night, which is on the pregnant lady "must do" list... I am just beat. Dishes pile up and only get done when we're running out of options. Jon has been shouldering all the housework and laundry to-do list items that fall from my to-do list to my to-do someday list. He's been a trouper.
The truth is that this pregnancy I know some things I didn't know last time. I sleep when I can, I eat what tastes good and I don't stress out about making commitments because I know that when I come home with this new baby, chances are it's going to be just me, Jon and Layla and because I know that... I am savoring the time I have to be busy with one child before I am busy with two.
So while I could write a meaningful and inspiring blog right now...if I really wanted to. What I want to do is go help my toddler cut play-dough snakes into pieces and marvel at how much I love every second I am with her.

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