Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year New Prospective

I'd love to say that with 2010 rushed in a bunch of relief and financial freedom but no one expected that to happen because that's not how real life works. What did happen in the last week is a lot of re-evaluation. I have some very skewed perspectives about things and my expectations are very high for other people. They are the same expectations I give myself, which are also too high (or so I am told).
I spend a lot of time being boiled over with anxiety because I never feel like I'm doing enough, being enough, finishing enough. The truth is, I have been informed, my idea of enough must be higher than other peoples. This would also explain why when things happen that put others in crisis mode they always think I am going above and beyond when I think I am barely helping.
Enough with enough. that's my new prospect for 2010.
Although, I don't think I'm doing enough of it. ha ha ha!
No seriously, my anxiety level is a still a 9.5 on a scale of 10 but last week it was an I'm getting better and I'm still working on it.
How about you, is there a personality trait you would love to work on this year?

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