Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cocky is Genetic

Otherwise titled as "Yes I know how she got this way" or "I wouldn't have it any other way"

I told her to "be careful" she told me to "close my eyes"

I went to the garage and came back to find the child who was supposed to be napping in the bathroom using her step stool to get Daddy's beard trimmer which she was using to pretend to shave her knuckles (daddy does that)

Not too long ago she was telling Jon a story and he wasn't listening so she gave him a "wait wait wait" with her hand out in front of her and when that didn't work she said "LISTEN"

Yesterday I went pee and usually she follows me but she didn't so I knew I was in trouble. I came out of the bathroom to find that she had moved her giraffe (on wheels) next to her DVD shelf and used it to climb on to the top of the shelf which she was now standing on to reach my pepsi (on top of the upright piano). When I asked her "what do you think you are doing" she looked me dead in the eye and said "I thirsty" *sigh*

She has a smile that I've never been lucky enough to catch on camera. I call it her Jeromy smile because it is exactly like the one he made for the exact same reason. It is equal parts something wicked this way comes, I know something you don't know, and boy-I hope I get away with this but even if I don't it's probably worth it. It is the smile you get before she does a somersault off the stairs, or just as she pours water on the floor outside the bathtub to splash your feet. I image it was the smile on her face as she climbed up to my pepsi and I know it's the one right before she steals my last piece of chocolate.

People will tell you that a lot of different things are great about being a parent. But I think the greatest thing about being this child's parent is that I never have to worry that she won't be confident. She'll always try something knew and she's not afraid to fall or fail.

People will tell you that a lot of things are awful about being a parent. I'd have to say for this kid the worst part is that she is confident beyond measure, it's in her I have to worry enough for the best of us.

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Mel said...

Those are funny. Faith had a good one today. I was telling Garratt a story about something that Faith had done earlier in the week and Faith straight faced says " I A DIVA!" OMG!!!