Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bug Racing

I'm pretty sure Layla has progressed from Allergy Induced Wheezing to Asthma. I made her an appointment to see our Doctor on the 25th. Lately, when people visit or we go somewhere that involves a cat I can count on wheezing and breathing hard for part of the evening. That doesn't scare me so much as when the visit takes place on a day where she's running around and playing outside. The other day she had a combo of those two things and she actually was gasping to breath while waiting with Daddy on the bed to get tucked in once Mommy had her jammies on. It was a sound I don't like to hear. It was the 4th time I've heard it lately. Time for a baby check. Asthma in kids with allergies is really common. Too common to make me comfortable.

I feel blessed that at least we're noticing things before they get so severe they can't be dealt with but I feel bad for the kid with the wheezies. Pray for us both as I try and figure out what this part of the path is going to end up looking like.

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Mel said...

definatly praying. I was a child with Allergy/Excersise induced Asthma, it was no fun at times but not bad most of the time. The good news I eventually grew out of needing an inhaler with me all the time. Now I do not even keep an inhaler. I will be praying for all of you through this. Love you guys!!