Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dinner is in the oven

Today Jon left for work just as I came home. Layla and I played for awhile and then I ran to Quest to take a test for my OBGYN with a toddler in toe. When we got back I put in a movie and we had a phone call from Grammi Chris in SC which Layla refused to actually talk to.

I bribed my child with Hershey Kisses while I went pee and then I started the corn dogs in the oven and I am now sitting on the couch waiting for dinner to make itself and thinking about how much I like to cook and how little I actually get to cook.

It's not that I couldn't go cook for Layla and myself right now but it's time consuming and my priorities for tonight involved elevating my feet and looking for books on the library service online. I hadn't really planned ahead. If this was the "good old days" we would starve to death. This wasn't an option 50 years ago. But now I am a product of semi-lazy parenting.

While I focus time and energy on my daughter I displace the amount of time and energy I have to spend at work by taking cheater short cuts to make myself available and pleasant to be around in the evenings.

I can't wait until I have daughters old enough to be a help in the kitchen. I can't wait until they are old enough that I can share my favorite hobby and use it as a way to spend quality time together. Because, while she gets great joy helping me unload and load the dishwasher, I can think of much more entertaining things we'll be able to do some day.

Of course, when that day comes I'll probably wish she was still interested in doing the dishes. Can't win. Even when I'm winning. :)

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