Friday, January 15, 2010

All washed up

this picture was taken the day layla got in the shower with me fully dressed
This has been an interesting week of nothing but every day life. It could not have been less entertaining in the Jeffery house if it tried. Tomorrow I am off. Originally I wanted Jon and I to take Layla to the snow but now I am equally as tempted to focus tomorrow on cleaning up my house because somehow in the last 5 days the only thing here that has been consistently cleaned up are the people who live here.
It's supposed to be actively snowing just over an hour from here. I do want to take Layla to the snow but I don't know that I want to take her there while snow is actively falling from the sky. That might be a little much.
Just in case we decide to do something fun I am charging camera batteries and making sure my cell phone has a full battery. I'm torn between which is more needed, a day to get into control or a day where I don't have to control anything.

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Melissa said...

I love that is activly snowing close to you and yet here...nothing!!