Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shaking things up

This week Jon closes a lot. In fact this post is set to show up on my blog on Thursday but I am writing it on Monday because that's the only night this week that Jon is home. He'll be home Friday night and so tomorrow the blog will be a "live" one.

The thing is, if you know you have a VERY active toddler and you know your darling husband isn't going to be around to rescue you from your swollen baby belly and swollen baby baking feet...well... you sort of have to plan ahead and yet still be willing to shake everything up and drop the plan.

Part of the plan is to make sure that the things that can be done in advance are done. On that list is bill paying, trips to the store and blogging...definitely blogging. That way the things you absolutely have to making dinner and getting enough sleep that you don't pass out at work the next day will have time to spare.

So sorry for the filler blog...but something had to give.

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