Saturday, January 02, 2010

You're Odd

I've taught my daughter to say a lot of things. Some of them I taught her on purpose and some of them just got picked up over time. When Layla does something silly that crosses over the weirdo line (you know like drinks her applesauce instead of using her spoon) I often will look at her and tell her that she is "odd".
"You're odd" is the silly equivalent of "what on earth are you doing?" around here.
Earlier this week I wanted Layla to look at me while I took a picture of her coloring. I tried saying her name and asking her to look at me. I tried say cheese. But, if you know nothing about my toddler let me tell you this, she's stubborn, and there is no way she's looking up just because you asked her to.
So finally I start making silly noises and faces....
And she looks up at me, claps her hands over her eyes and says "you odds mommy"
Yes baby, yes I am... it's're doomed.

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Mel said...

Plus it is genetic on BOTH sides. Poor girl!!! :)