Friday, January 22, 2010

What matters

It is not the words you use to express yourself. It is not the things you say. It is not what people hear when they listen to you. What matters most, is what your heart says when you listen to it.
It is not what you do. It is not what you choose to walk away from. It is not how you do things or how others think you should do things. What matters most, is the most is how your heat feels when you are doing the right thing.
It is not about the mistakes you will make. It is not about the victories you will celebrate. It is not the stories you will tell when you are older about the things you learned when you are young. What matters most, is knowing in your heart that you are always loved.
It is not the kisses you give. It is not the hearts you might break. It is not about the way you enter a room or exit a relationship. What matters most, is loving well in THIS moment.

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