Thursday, January 07, 2010

Splish Splash

I put in a movie known for it's child mind meld capabilities and set out a snack and juice. When she was fully sucked in I made my escape upstairs and turned on the shower. It took her less than 5 minutes to make her way upstairs and start talking to me through the clear shower curtain. It happens.

I continued my shower pretty unphased as she gathered some toys to play with on the bathroom floor. I was rinsing the shampoo from my hair when I heard the shower curtain open. "Don't put toys in the shower" I said eyes closed. Then the curtain closed. Just then I felt it.

Little hands on my thighs. I looked down to see my daughter who had already taken a bath and had her hair dried was standing fully clothed with socks on... IN MY SHOWER.


I scooped her back out and took off her wet socks. I laughed at her damp hair and I did a squeeze test to make sure her clothes weren't too wet to air dry.

I went back to my conditioner. The other side of the shower curtain opens. This time I turn with open eyes and say "No you stay out" just as she grabs and turns the tempurature nozzle. And then the scalding water washed over me and I did the oh god why me dance out of the way.

I now know why Scalding Splash Mountain was rejected by Disneyland, that ride just wasn't fun.

I manage to get the temp down to finish my shower. Of course, after the scalding death water I happened across the ideal water temperature. You know, the temperature where your pregnant body all goes ahhhhh and you could picture living in the bathtub FOREVER.

Forever was a lot shorter than I remembered it being. It lasted about 3 minutes before the shower curtain moved and I hit the water off...sometimes you just shouldn't keep pushing your luck.

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