Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Of Storms and Obstacles

When it comes to adventure, Layla is pretty much fearless. She has that ability to look at something and think "oh well it can't be that bad" and then she just does it. There has never been a slide too high, a step too steep or a platform to high to jump from. She's a tumbler, a runner and a climber. She rarely falls and she never really panics.
But she is not fearless.
She fears the wind. Not when she can see it, though. She fears a wind that can be heard but not felt. If you take her out on a windy day she will run and spin and giggle. She turns her face to meet it head on and it tickles her soul.
But the wind at night, the wind outside the door in the storm and the wind on the TV have rendered episodes of her favorite shows unwatchable (that little bad wolf huffs and puffs and sends toddlers into tears). Last night the storm started with wind and rain outside the window and she tossed and turned all night. She hid her face. She clung to mommy. Now the storm has turned to thunder and lightening and she's back to being a brave little toddler, unless of course the wind blows...
in which case my lap can expect 28 lbs of flinging toddler fear.

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