Wednesday, October 22, 2008

10 Weeks GIVEAWAY Part 2

Did you all enjoy talking about your Christmas Traditions last week? That's awesome! This week (otherwise known as T minus 9 weeks until Christmas) we'll be talking about our favorite Christmas decorations.

You can tell me about Christmas decorations you put up, or make, or want, or see at other people's houses, maybe something you remember from your childhood or the one you broke when you were 8 on Grandma's tree.

My favorite Christmas Ornament isn't an ornament. It's my Willow Tree Nativity scene. Part of which I got from my husband and some of which came from family and friends. I love that is so simple and modest, it reminds me that Christmas isn't always about the flash and sparkle. After all Jesus was a simple and modest guy.

This week I'll be giving away a Christmas Ornament (shown above). You get to pick the letter.

The rules are the same as last week. I will be picking 1 winner. Comments will be excepted until 11:59 PM on Sunday October 26th.

To enter this lovely contest you must do one of two things. People who link back AND leave a comment will be entered twice!

1. Leave a comment or a link to your blog where you must tell me what your favorite Christmas Decoration is/was/will be.
2. Link back to this blog so other people will have a chance to enter our giveaway too!
As a special bonus this week. If someone else links to this post and says they heard about it at your site I'll DOUBLE your entries (limit 4). That means you could be entered to win up to 4 times.

Good Luck!


Janelle said...

That was a fun blog to write! You can read about my ornament at:
Now I just have to figure out how to make my links clickable....wish me luck! :-)

Candace said...

So does it count if I blog about it on my blog and then over and Be Jolly By Golly? LOL OK I know that wouldn't be fair or would it lol. I will post mine at nap time!!! Unless nap time is not good like it has been for most of the week * sigh!!

Lynn said...

Yay, I love when there is something for me to write about when I get up in the morning! I managed a hot link on my page. My ornamental blog is at

Candace said...

Ok I posted up at Be Jolly By Golly with a notice on my normal blog! Of couse giving you linky love at both sights!

Mel said...

I have posted mine on my blog.