Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!! Now take a nap

Last year we dressed up Layla like a pumpkin for the few family members who stopped by our house. Then we trudged around the old cul de sac once and that was it.
This year is the first year of real trick or treating...the door to door kind. In keeping up with tradition, instead of walking blocks (until she's old enough to stay out later) we'll be driving from Grandparent to Great Grandparent to Family to Friend. The list is 11 houses long...give or take.

The first stop we did early in the day. Memorial hospital is still running tests on Pop (Great Grandpa Ira) and so we stopped by there to see him, Miss Irene and Nana Lorrie (who's been there all week taking care of things).

Nana Lorrie spoiled her rotten with bags of candy...then we ate lunch...charmed the locals (seriously a stranger asked to take a picture of my kid) and came home to a forced nap before we pick up again and do the rest of the grandparents/great grandparents closer to dinnner time.
My Laylabug...she's a LadyBug...Pictures available on her site (today and tomorrow... I'll take more tonight).

What's your little one this Halloween?


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