Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our Holiday Traditions

Me @ Christmas at the Collins' when I was probably about 7 or 8

What? I can't hear you...

Sorry someone was mumbling about how it was only October for God's sakes and I could stop pushing the Christmas thing.

They can shut it. LOL

I heart Christmas. The list of musts for Christmas at our house used to be pretty long... it's died down some due to budgets, and having kids, and growing up and getting wiser in our old age. Here are some things that will be staying this year.

1. Getting our tree and decorating outside the house right after Thanksgiving.
2. Going to the Downtown Turlock Christmas Lights Parade
3. Going to Christmas Tree Lane and to see the Miniature Train in Turlock
4. Taking Pictures with Santa in the Mall in Modesto
5. Making Christmas cookies & candies with Layla, Mommy & Daddy
6. Having our Back in the Day Party where everyone comes in Jammies and watches the Christmas movies and Claymation Specials that were popular back in the 80's (and older)
7. New Christmas Jammies the night before Christmas and reading the Christmas story to Layla
8. Christmas Day we'll have Turkey and all the fixings at home while Layla plays with her new toys

So it's 8 things now-a-days. It was probably 20 last year. As time goes on, Christmas is becoming one of those holidays where I look at people with simple lists and simple lives and I think... Maybe I should teach my daughter that. So I'm trying. I'm starting by cutting back the list while she's still too little to miss things like Downtown tree lightings and Breakfast with Santa.


Teaseburger said...

Love the pic!! I need to track down some of mine and start posting.... I need to not have so much homework to do too. (sigh)

Candace said...

Your traditions sound wonderfully perfect! Simple is great but not so simple that you miss out on the wonder of it all ya know.

Layla's Nana said...

Okay MommyMoment~

You're so pretty, always were always will be
And look how long your hair was at just 4 yrs old!!!
AND that was our house, didn't we have a pretty tree??

I hope you take a pic like that of Layla every year, in front of the tree...