Friday, October 24, 2008

Mini Moments

This week has been a week to remember.

Sunday I got so desperate for a Pepsi that I took a warm Pepsi from the garage and poured it into a cup with three baby teething rings (frozen) in it because we had no ice.

Monday I found out that Pampers rewards points are available on wipes too. I've been buying wipes for over a year and I haven't kept a single point. I wonder how many more points I would have had if I was paying attention. So, I dug through the trash and salvaged the points that I could...pathetic no?

Tuesday I found out that my Dr's office had lost a form I dropped off on the 8th and needed back by the 22nd in the early AM. That was a wonderful thing to figure out on the 21st. I had to go to a goverment office to get a new form (lovely) and then take it to my Dr's office to be picked up the very next morning.

Wednesday I went to a job fair. I was early. I was still probably the 50th person in line. They had 300 people but I got a second interview. So did the person I took with me. Then I had a phone interview that was for a job I hope I don't get.

Thursday, I had a second interview and it was the most sterile interview I've ever had. They gave nothing. They took lot's of notes. They said I'd know after November 1st.

Today is Friday, I have cleaned some...but not enough. And, I am desperately torn between a nap I haven't earned and watching RR which is my favorite. Maybe both... one after the other.

I feel like this week a million little moments slipped through the cracks. I woke up this morning and my daughter was an inch taller, several vocabulary words smarter and had longer hair and I thought to did I miss that? But, I lost it... somewhere in the mini moments.

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Candace said...

I feel like that a lot! I don't know what it is. I get caught up in life and forget about living. The other day I put Anna in the tub and I realized she is about twice the size she was when she first started standing up in there. I totally didn't realize how much she has grown. I mean sure I knew she was growing cause her clothes don't fit and stuff but it feels like I blinked and she was replaced by this little girl.