Sunday, October 19, 2008

My First Must Be Santa Monday

I was over at Candace's Blog Mommy Matters when I noticed she started writing for a new blog called Be Jolly By Golly. That peeked my interest because I'm already well into the holiday spirit...what with it being 10 weeks before Christmas and all.

So I clicked...and there I found some Linky Love... Must be Santa Monday is something Be Jolly By Golly appears to be hosting every week. (You can click on the picture above to get there)

Must be Santa Monday is a place to post the items that are on your wishlist or shopping list this holiday season.

So I figured I would post one item for each person in my family this week because it's the first week.

The hubby loves a game called Munchkin which is made by SJ Games. It's a role playing game done with cards. They just came out with a new pirate version of the game called Munchkin Booty. So that is my Wishlist/Shopping Item recommendation if your hubby likes role playing card games.

My daughter LaylaBug is 1 so I am definitely looking forward to the first year that her Christmas will be interactive. Last year I put a bow on her head. That was the best gift she got on Christmas morning. This year I am hoping that she will get something like the Jump-o-lene. Ironically I heard about the Jump-o-lene when I read about it on Candace's blog last Monday. But I think she's right... it's a great gift.

Lastly, a little something for myself. I would love the new David Cook CD which is aptly called David Cook. I am a HUGE David Cook fan and I already have his new single Light On blasting from my Myspace page...because I'm cool like that.

How about your Must Be Santa items...go to the link for Be Jolly By Golly and tell them all about them!


AmyK said...

Glad you joined in! I have a one year old niece that's going to be having her first "interactive" Christmas this year, too. Last year she got a jumperoo that she promptly fell asleep in. Super exciting ;)
Interesting gift ideas!

Candace said...

Thanks for sharing the love!!! Don't you just love the jump-o-lene! I hope it is as good as it looks!