Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Official About Me Post

I've had this blog for over two years. Before this blog I had another blog for almost five years. I've never had an about me post. I don't know why I didn't/haven't made one. I think I'm lazy or maybe I just figure if you're here reading every single day like a good blog fan should be then you already know all about me...after all my blog is a pretty good long drawn out story of my life, is it not?

But, I've had a few requests as of late for a link to the "about me" post on my blog and it seems everyone who is anyone in blogging has one. So I think it's about time I wrote one, after all, it has been almost a decade of blogging... you might not be able to figure me out yet.
Hi... my name is Allie and I'm addicted to going ... in the middle of my run on sentences. I'm almost 30 (more 30 than almost). I've been to college, but I am not done yet (another almost). I'm a curvy girl who likes to approach life with a lot of laughter. I call that attitude "curvatude" and that's what I named my blog. I also like to eat and cook that is the reason I started a whole additional blog called Fat Girl Eats to house my recipe collection. I converted to Christianity a few years back, before that I was Celtic Pagan...which is a fun story in itself.

I've had a few interesting jobs. I've been a hostess, a bartender (for two days), a nanny (in highschool), a sword dealer at renaissance faires, an office manager, a marketing person, a recruiter, an HR person, a sales person, a medical office biller, a writer, and once I was even paid to sit at home and watch TV while clicking a button (because everyone totally wants to know what I watch on TV). I've worked at a college in financial aid and admissions, on a ranch doing odd jobs, and when I was younger I got an allowance for doing my chores. I ran my own catering company for awhile. As of more recent years...

I'm married to my wonderful hubby who I once talked to all night standing in the rain. He sells coffee, plays drums on the couch with his fingers and flips the channels for no reason during commercials. We have a daughter. Due to a case of failing economy and a side of resume overqualified... I'm a stay at home Mommy right now.

My daughters name is Layla Grace but we call her Layla Bug and she has her own picture website which I also manage (some family lives far away). She just turned one. She walks, talks and does all the normal one year old things. In addition to that she does some great things that other 1 year olds don't do (like make elephant noises and rock star faces). I'm her biggest fan.

I used to travel alot. I was a road tripper, a day dream believer and I hated the homecoming queen. I've been all over and I have pictures to prove it. Pictures with people who I loved who I don't get to talk to much anymore now that we're all adults with big grown up lives. I was the girl who could mix a good drink, cursed like a sailor, told fun stories and knew all the good dirty jokes. I made dinner, dealt at the poker nights and danced in inappropriate shoes. That girl, with long hair, trendy jewelry and great fitting jeans is still a part of me.

So now I'm at home, eating, having curvatude and playing with the LaylaBug while the hubby flips the channels. In the old days... I had good friends and we ate expensive food in our name brand shoes while talking about books and art and quality music. Now, I have better friends, we talk on the phone about our kids in our bare feet while talking about things that scare us on the news and the art our kids drew on the wall in the livingroom with Jack's Big Music Show singing in the background.

This is my life... every boring, normal, stressful moment of it. I promise to try to tell a good story about it though. Let's laugh about it together ok?


Meredith said...

one of the best "about me" posts I've read. Good cadence...almost poetic!

Anonymous said...

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